New Book Explores What Parents Can Do to Save their Sons from Becoming Victims of the Streets.

Author of the best selling relationship book “The Naked Truth,” Osceola Thomas, has released another explosive book titled “The Streets Can’t Have My Son.” The book aims to equip parents, educators, juvenile justice workers, and faith-based communities with the skills they need to assist black boys in succeeding in the public school system, escaping the trappings of the school to prison pipeline, and the unfair targeting of law enforcement. Thomas realized that black boys are negatively overrepresented in special education and juvenile justice systems and therefore are more likely to leave school with little marketable skills for today’s workforce thus becoming prime candidates for America’s privatized prison system. He also realized that there is increasing police brutality and discrimination against black boys that needs to be addressed urgently.
From the book, parents and other stakeholder groups will learn effective ways of advocating and communicating with child serving agencies on behalf of their sons. The book has examples and exercises that parents’ can complete together with their sons. In addition to that, the book also enables readers to understand what’s at stake in the educational training of their sons, as well as the most important principles, attitudes, and skills their sons must acquire before they can be successful in school and in life.

This book is excellent for anyone involved in the parenting of an African-American boy because it contains practical strategies that can be used to bring communities together to address the racial disparities that negatively affect boys of color. “The Streets Can’t Have My Son” discusses in detail methods by which black boys are being mis-educated, incarcerated, and annihilated and what People of Color and People of Concern can do to reverse these negative trends.
“This book is a must have for every parent who is raising an African American son in the inner-city. The book should be on the required reading list in every high school, college, and university as a part of African American Studies,” says V. Diamond Brown, Licensed Therapist. The Streets Can’t Have My Son is sure to ignite a fire among passive bystanders and further promote activism among community groups who strongly espouse to the belief that Black Lives Matter.

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