U.S. Senator or Presidential Candidate, Rand Paul attempt to hedge his bets on voters and supporter. Is it his failure to develop a comprehensive strategy to win or is he playing the long game to win even if he loses. Is it because the senate Campaign is taken focus from Candidate Paul, as he recently broke from his presidential race to raise funds for the senate campaign.

The fairness to voters is at question, can you trust a president who hedges his bets on voters. As Paul, who currently running for president and reelection to the Senate simultaneously attended fundraisers in Washington, D.C. asking donors to support his Senate campaign. GOP strategist dismiss his commitment to being president, however speaking for voters and supporters can you believe this.

In a time, when his presidential campaign has failed to gain momentum, in part due to focus and dedication to one campaign. Paul’s Super PAC, Purple PAC Leader Ed Crane told ABC News that he has been disappointed with Paul’s campaign strategy. The millions of minority voters who hoped Paul’s policy positions on criminal Justice, civil Liberties and education could improve the conditions of that population could be disappointed if this campaign fails.

What do you think?